Dr. Nestler's Math 2 Precalculus

In the episode "Wild Barts Can't Be Broken" of The Simpsons, Professor Frink is trying to find a group of children. He announces that he is gathering data on their location, as he says, "in order to express it as a function of my hand." After he discovers their location, he then points in that direction and yells, "They're over there!"


Here is a text transcript of the scene:

Mayor Quimby:  As we speak, Chief Wiggum is tracking down those little squealers using the latest in crime fighting technology.

Police Chief Wiggum:  Aw, I got nothin', how bout you Frinky?

Professor Frink:  I have captured the signal and am presently triangulating the vectors and compressing the data down in order to express it as a function of my hand... They're over there!


Does Frink really express the children's location as a function of his hand?  Or maybe it's the other way around, and he uses his hand as a function of their location?  Or maybe he's totally wrong?!  Using the mathematical definition of "function," write a few sentences explaining your answer.

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