Human Skeleton

Compact Bone

Spongy (Cancellous) Bone

Epiphyseal Plate
Middle belt of cartilage undergoing calcification

1:Articular Cartilage; 2:Spongy Bone; 3:Compact Bone; 4:Medullary Cavity;
5:Periosteum; 8:Diaphysis; 9:Epiphyseal Line.

Images #1 & #2: Human Skull - Anterior Views

Sphenoid: Posterior

Sphenoid: Anterior

Sphenoid: Superior

Ethmoid Bone

Ethmoid Bone: Right Lateral View         Ethmoid Bone:Anterior View

Ethmoid Bone: Left Lateral View         Ethmoid Bone: Posterior View

Ethmoid Bone: Anterior View


Mandible: Medial View

Fetal Skulls

Vertebral Column


Axis and Cervical Vertebra

Thoracic Vertebra

Thoracic Vertebra and Rib

Thoracic Vertebra and Rib

Ribs and Costal Cartilages

Lumbar Vertebra

Sacrum: Posterior View






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