Human Histology (Microscopic Anatomy)

Histology: Microanatomy:
The science concerned with the minute structure of cells, tissues and organs in relation to their function.

Please click-on from the following list of Histology Web Sites or you may just want to do a
'google' 'images' search for the specific organ/tissue you wish to view. I strongly suggest
you view multiple images of the same organ/tissue to best train your eye to recognize it.

1) Excellent Histology Slides

2) Histology

3) Multiple, High Quality Histology Images

4) Histology from the University of Michigan

5) Histology: Zoomer - Give it a try

6) Virtual Histology Laboratory

7) The Virtual Microscope

8) Microanatomy Wet Lab

9) Color Images of Histological Sections

10) Loyola University Medical Center

11) Southern Illinois Medical School

12) University of Kansas Medical School

13) Histology from the University of Western Austrailia - Click on 'Notes'

14) Davidson College Histology - Fun Site

15) Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy at University of Iowa

16) Visual Histology dot com

17) Histopathology Slides Iowa University

18) Histology Lab Manual

19) Histology Lab Quiz

20) University of Cincinnati

21) Tissue and Cell Ultrastructure

22) Electron Micrographs of Mammalian Tissues - Click on 'English Version'

23) Sample Histology Quiz Questions

24) Histology: indexed by thumbnail