Photographs of the Human Skeleton

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I. The Bones of the Skull:
[Skull-Anterior View] [Skull-Lateral View]  [Skull-Superior View]
[Skull-Inferior View]  [Skull-Orbit] [Orbit] [Frontal Bone]
  [Temporal Bone]  [Occipital Bone]  [Mandible]
  [Sphenoid]   {Ethmoid]   [Hyoid]

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II. The Bones of the Vertebral Column and Trunk:

[The Atlas]  [The Axis]  [Cervical Vertebrae I]  [Cervical Vertebrae II]   [Thoracic Vertebrae]
[3 Types of Vertebrae]   [Sacrum]  [Vertebral Column]  [Rib]  [Sternum]

III. The Bones of the Arm and Shoulder:

[Anterior Scapula]  [Posterior Scapula]  [Clavicle]  [Humerus]  [Radius and Ulna]  [Hand Bones]

IV. The Bones of the Pelvis and Leg:

[Medial Pelvis]  [Lateral Pelvis]  [Femur]  [Patella]
[Tibia and Fibula]  [Foot Bones: Medial View]  [Foot Bones: Lateral View]  [Foot Bones: Superior View]

V. Bone Structures: Histology; Compact and Spongy:
[Compact and Spongy Bone: Gross]     [Compact Bone: Histology: Labeled]       [Compact Bone: Histology: Unlabeled]

VI. Fetal Skull:
Fetal Skull: Superior View     Fetal Skull: Posterior View     Fetal Skull: Lateral View

Fetal Skull: Posteriolateral View       Fetal Skull: Superior View       Fetal Skull: Anteriolateral View

Fetal Skull

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Photographs kindly provided by Elizabeth Bauer.