Axial Skeleton Quiz Questions


Anna Tomy

(1) Identify structure #8:

A. acromion
B. inferior angle
C. spine
D. coronoid process
E. coracoid process

(2) From the picture in question #1 above, identify structure #6:
A. subscapular fossa
B. acromion
C. axillary border
D. Glenoid cavity
E. coracoid process

(3) Again, from the picture in question #1, what is structure #4?
A. spine
B. subscapular fossa
C. supraspinous fossa
D. infraspinous fossa
E. axillary border

(4) Identify the bone labelled #2

A. temporal
B. frontal
C. sphenoid
D. ethmoid
E. maxilla

(5) From the picture in question #4, what structure is labelled #9?
A. styloid process
B. external auditory meatus
C. mastoid process
D. zygomatic arch
E. coronoid process

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(6) Again from the picture in question #4, identify the process labelled #8
A. zygomatic
B. coronoid
C. coracoid
D. mastoid
E. condylar

(7) Again using the picture from question #4, what is the foramen labelled #6?
A. mandibular
B. infraorbital
C. sublingual
D. mental

(8) What is the opening labelled #9?

A. infraorbital foramen
B. magnum foramen
C. optic foramen
D. superior orbital fissure
E. transverse foramen

(9) From the picture in question #8, what opening is labelled #8?
A. infraorbital foramen
B. optic foramen
C. supraorbital foramen
D. jugular foramen
E. external auditory meatus

(10) Again from the picture for question #8, what bone is labelled #2?
A. lacrimal bone
B. ethmoid bone
C. nasal bone
D. sphenoid bone
E. maxillary bone

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(11) What articulates at structure #5?

A. sternum
B. costal cartilages
C. acromion
D. transverse processes of thoracic vertebra

(12) From the picture in question #11, how many of these bones are found in the human?
A. it varies between the sexes
B. 24
C. 25
D. 12

(13) Identify the structure labelled #6.

A. manubrium
B. pedicle
C. transverse process
D. xiphoid process

(14) What is labelled #1 in the picture for question #13?
A. cervical spine
B. suprasternal notch
C. costal cartilage
D. sternal angle

(15) Are the bones labelled #5 true ribs or false ribs?
A. false
B. true
C. neither, they are floating ribs
D. all ribs are true ribs

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