Books Cost Too Much, And I'm Angry!

Here you will find several very useful, very visual links to sites that reproduce the pictures and diagrams that a standard anatomy lab manual would provide. Much of what appears in most standard lab manuals is simply repetition of the material presented in the required anatomy textbook. The value of the lab manual comes from its visual images. Many, if not more, of these visual images can now be found on the internet. They are now arranged here for your easy access. You must, however, spend some time visiting the appropriate sites, learning from them, and printing any material that will assist you during your lab periods in class. Good Luck.

Gnathostomulida (or jaw worms) is one of the hardest animal names to pronounce.

The animal with the world's longest name is no bigger than a fly, in fact it is a fly, the
Stratiomyid Fly or Soldier Fly to be more exact.
It's full scientific name buzzes in at 42 letters: Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides

"The beginning of wisdom is getting things by their right name."
        -ancient Chinese proverb

Students always ask if they have to be able to spell and pronounce their newly learned anatomical structures correctly.
My answer always is......OF COURSE!

Click here for instructions on how to use the textbook: Tortora, 12th Edition

Click here for instructions on how to use the textbook: Tortora, 13th Edition

Click here for the 'Transcription & Translation' Handout

Click here for SMC student's extra credit assignment

Click here for Histology Final Exam Check List

Anatomy Safety Rules

Click here for Science LRC information

Click here for Ana-1 Fall 2017 7:45-10:50 am Class Syllabus Page 1

Click here for Ana-1 Fall 2017 12:05 - 3:10 pm Class Syllabus Page 1

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How to Learn -- a MUST read by you, the student

A Scientific American article on the best and worst ways to learn

You will need to purchase 6 Scantron 882           OR                     6 of the AccuScan #25110.

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Laboratory Procedures at SMC

Two Ways to Access Acland Anatomy:
1) Click here to access via the SMC Library

2)Click here to access, but it must be from an on campus computer

Anatomy Models Pictures

Section I: Cells, Tissues, The Light Microscope
Click on any of the following topics:
How to use our Olympus CH30 Microscope
The History of the Light Microscope
Cell Sizes
Assorted Histology Images: Organelles
Cell Division: Mitosis
Mitosis Animation
Epithelial Tissues I
Shotgun Histology Series: Dense Regular Connective Tissue
Shotgun Histology Series: Connective Tissue
Dense Irregular Connective Tissue
The Skin
Shotgun Histology Series: Thin Skin

For additional histology, see Main Web Page.

Section II: The Skeletal System
Click on any of the following topics:

The Human Skeletal System
Histology of Cartilage and Bone
Bone Histology
Shotgun Histology Series: Bone
Shotgun Histology Series: Spongy Bone
Assorted Histology Images: Compact Bone
SMC Human Skeleton Self Tutorial
The Human Skeleton- The Bone Box

Section III: The Muscular System
Click on any of the following topics:

Human Muscle Flashcards - Print them out and use them!

Muscle Histology
Shotgun Histology Series: Three Muscle Types
Assorted Histology Images: Muscle

Surface Anatomy Check List
Click here to print out the Surface Anatomy Chapter

Cat Muscles
Nice Pictures of Dissected Cat Muscles
Cat Anatomy Tutorial
Cat Dissection
Photographs of Dissected Cats
Human Cadaver Muscle Pictures
Lists and pictures of required muscles in Anatomy-1
Human Muscles Tutorial

Section IV: Nerves and Nervous Tissue:
Click on any of the following topics:


I strongly recommend you use the 'digital neuroanatomy' software available in the computer lab/sLRC.

Click here for Marijuana use scientific findings

Shotgun Histology Series: Nerve
Nervous System with Sheep Brain
Photographs of Dissected Sheep Brains Only
Sheep Brain Dissection I- Click 'next' when you get there
Sheep Brain Dissection II- Click 'continue' when you get there
More Sheep Brain dissection with nice labelling
Human Brain - Labeled Pictures
Human Brain Anatomy
Human Brain Fresh
Human Brain Cutting
Spinal Cord Dissection
Human Brain Atlas
Cranial Nerves
Assorted Pictures of the Human Eye
Cow Eye Dissection
Human Eye Illustrated Quiz
Eye Model
Ear Model

Section V: The Heart and the Cardiovascular System:
Click on any of the following topics:

SMC Human Heart Pictures
Sheep Heart Dissection I
Gross and Histologic Photographs of Normal and Diseased Human Heart
Histology of Arteries and Veins
Shotgun Histology Series: Artery and Vein
Assorted Histology Images: Blood Vessels

Click here for all the Vessels to Know for Wissmann's Anatomy-1 course

Blood Cells
Blood Cell Histology
Shotgun Histology Series: Blood Cells
Assorted Histology Images: Blood Cells

Click here for a list of the blood vessels used in the class quiz: construct a circulatory system

Heart Development
Fetal Circulation
Lymphoid Tissues - Part I
Lymphoid Tissues - Part II
Assorted Histology Images: Lymph Node and Spleen
Shotgun Histology Series: Lymph Node
Shotgun Histology Series: Spleen

The Respiratory System
Histology of the Respiratory System
Assorted Histology Images: Trachea
Shotgun Histology Series: Trachea
Assorted Histology Images: Lung
Shotgun Histology Series: Lung

Section VI: The Endocrine System:

Endocrine Glands
Histology of the Endocrine System I
SMC Self-Quiz on the Endocrine Organs
Assorted Histology Images: Pituitary Gland
Shotgun Histology Series: Pituitary Gland
Assorted Histology Images: Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
Shotgun Histology Series: Thyroid Gland
Assorted Histology Images: Adrenal Gland
Shotgun Histology Series: Adrenal Gland

Section VII: The Visceral Organs:
Click on any of the following topics:

GI Histology I
GI Histology II
Assorted Histology Images: Esophagus
Shotgun Histology Series: Esophagus
Assorted Histology Images: Small Intestine
Shotgun Histology Series: Small Intestine
Assorted Histology Images: Stomach vs. Large Intestine (colon)

Shotgun Histology Series: Stomach
Shotgun Histology Series: Colon
Shotgun Histology Series: Gastro-duodenal Junction
Try this histo quiz
The Digestive System
Cat Digestive Organs

Liver Lobule Histology
Assorted Histology Images: Liver and Gall Bladder
Shotgun Histology Series: Liver
Assorted Histology Images: Pancreas
Shotgun Histology Series: Pancreas

Histology of the Kidney
Assorted Histology Images: Kidney
Shotgun Histology: Kidney
The Urinary System
SMC Self-Quiz on the Urinary System
The Urinary System I
The Kidney - Gross Anatomy

Section VIII: The Reproductive Organs:
Click on any of the following topics:
Male Reproductive Histology
Female Reproductive Histology
Assorted Histology Images: Ovary
Shotgun Histology Series: Ovary
Assorted Histology Images: Uterus
Shotgun Histology Series: Uterus
Assorted Histology Images: Fallopian Tube
Shotgun Histology Series: Fallopian Tube
Assorted Histology Images: Testis
Shotgun Histology Series: Testis
Assorted Histology Images: Penis and Prostate
Shotgun Histology Series: Prostate Gland

The Anatomy Lesson

Human Cadaver Dissection Videos

Click here to print out the color, Required Lab Manual

Click here to print out the Surface Anatomy Chapter

"You will have to learn many tedious things.............. which you will forget
the moment you have passed your final examination, but in anatomy it is better
to have learned and lost than never to have learned at all.."

W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)

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