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The first few chapters of our anatomy textbook are provided here for your use and/or reprinting. Please feel free to print and use any part of this on-line book on anatomy. As you can see, it is arranged by chapters (new ones and revised ones will be added continually).

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Hand Written Tutorials


Chapter 1: Introduction

Click here for a super-duper video showing the surface tension of water

2A: Human Cells and Tissues

2B: Cells

Integumentary System

Images of the Integumentary System

Assorted Histology Images: Organelles

Bone Tissue Chapter

Bone Pictures - Axial Skeleton

Bone Pictures - Appendicular Skeleton

SMC Human Skeleton Self Tutorial

Bassett Collection of Anatomical Images From Stanford
Just type in the bone you want to view in the search box.

Click here for the list of all required bones and boney landmarks

Three types of joints

Anatomical Terms of Motion

Click here to print out the Surface Anatomy Chapter

The Nervous System and Nervous Tissue Chapter

Anatomy of the Nervous System

Click Here for Spinal Cord Chapter

Click Here for the Eye Chapter

Click Here for the Ear Chapter

Bassett Gross Atlas

Gross Atlas


Nice Videos - pick and choose those that relate to what we cover

Andreas Vesalius (1514-64) at Padua, 1859.

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