The Muscular System

Human Muscle Flashcards - Print them out and use them!

"The flashcards saved my life! They made testing on all three aspects (name, origin, and insertion) so easy.
I printed them, cut them out, and laminated them. I used a dry erase-marker to take notes and label them
and could then simply erase them to test myself. I will keep them close throughout my career!"
Tiffany M.
SMC Summer Student
Mt. St. Mary's undergrad

Please click-on from the following list of Muscle Web Sites.

I) Click Here for List of all Required Muscles

1) University of Omaha - Muscle Histology

2) Photographs and tutorial on all the human muscles

3) Loyola University of Chicago Medical Center - Human Muscles

4) Human Cadaver Muscle Pictures

6) Get Body Smart dot Com-click on both muscle links

7) Muscle Actions

9) Muscle Diagrams, Actions, and Exercises

10) Hosford Muscles Table from P.T. Central - just tables of muscles, origins, insertions: no diagrams

11) Click here for 'SMC Muscle-Cell Sample Quiz Questions-Part I'

12) Click here for 'SMC Muscle-Cell Sample Quiz Questions-Part II'

13) Click here for 'SMC Head and Neck Muscles Sample Quiz'

14) Click here for 'SMC Trunk Muscles Sample Quiz'

15) Click here for 'SMC Arm Muscle Sample Quiz'

16) Click here for 'SMC Leg Muscle Sample Quiz'

17) Series of Self Quiz Questions on the Muscles

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