Muscles of the Head and Neck Quiz Questions


Michele K. Coleman

(1) Which of the following is NOT a real muscle that inserts onto the hyoid bone?
A. sternohyoid
B. geniohyoid
C. mandibulohyoid
D. stylohyoid
E. omohyoid

(2) What muscle lies on the outer surface of the mandible between the mental foramen?
A. zygomaticus major
B. masseter
C. mentalis
D. temporalis
E. levator labii superioris

(3) What muscle lifts the uppper lip?
A. masseter
B. corrugators
C. orbicularis oris
D. buccinator
E. levator labii superioris

(4) What muscle lowers the corner of the lower lip?
A. zygomaticus major
B. risorius
C. mentalis
D. depressor anguli oris
E. buccinator

(5) What muscle lowers the lower lip?
A. depressor oculi oris
B. orbicularis oculi
C. corrugators
D. masseter
E. depressor labii inferioris

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(6) The __________ originates on the zygomatic bone, insert on the skin of the mouth and act to elevate the corner of the mouth.
A. zygomaticus major and minor
B. masseter
C. buccinator
D. levator labii superioris
E. risorius

(7) What muscle originates on the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone and inserts onto the angle and ramus of the mandible?
A. medial pterygoid
B. masseter
C. temporalis
D. buccinator

(8) What muscle originates on the alveolar processes of the mandible and maxilla and inserts onto the orbicularis oris?
A. depressor anguli oris
B. levator labii superioris
C. zygomaticus major
D. buccinator
E. corrugators

(9) When a trumpeter blows on their trumpet, what muscle contracts to prevent their cheeks from bulging outward?
A. epicranius
B. orbicularis oculi
C. buccinator
D. platysma
E. mentalis

(10) What muscle, from the manubrium, inserts on the thyroid cartilage?
A. thyrohyoid
B. omohyoid
C. medial pterygoid
D. sternothyroid
E. geniothyroid

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(11) Which of the following muscles and structures is NOT part of the epicranius muscle?
A. frontalis
B. temporalis
C. occipitalis
D. galea aponeurotica

(12) What is the name of the circular muscle around the eyes?
A. corrugator
B. levator oculi oris
C. oculolevator major
D. aponeurotica oculi
E. orbicularis oculi

(13) The contraction of what muscle wrinkles the eyebrows when frowning?
A. mentalis
B. orbicularis oculi
C. corrugators
D. zygomaticus major and minor

(14) What muscle originates on the borders of the deltoid and pectoralis major muscles and inserts onto the bottom border of the mandible?
A. pectoralis major
B. sternocleidomastoid
C. playtsma
D. deltoid

(15) Which of these is NOT a real muscle that inserts onto the tongue?
A. palatoglossus
B. genioglossus
C. myloglossus
D. hyoglossus

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