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General Course Information

Business Courses (3-Unit Courses)

CSIS Courses (3-Unit Courses)

ACCTG 31A - Excel for Accounting  

CIS 1 - Introduction to Computers with Applications


ACCTG 31B - Advanced Excel for Accounting  

CIS 4 - Introduction to Computers, Business Applications


ACCTG 33 - Access for Accounting (Not presently offer)  

CIS 30 - Microsoft Excel


ACCTG 35 - QuickBooks  

CIS 35 - QuickBooks


BUS 15 - Introduction to Insurance with Code and Ethics (This class has only TWO Units.)  

CIS 36P - Microsoft PowerPoint (This class has only ONE Unit.)


BUS 17 - Property and Liability Insurance


CIS 40 - InDesign


Advisory for Online Students: Students taking any online courses must have basic Internet and Windows knowledge before taking any online class (example: save files, create folders, zip folders, upload files or zip folders, download files or zip folders, send e-mails, answer to posting, etc.)

Also, online students are required to purchase their own software program to take an online class. SMC does not provide software to students. In addition, the software program does not come with the book.

CIS 60A - Photoshop I
CIS 60B - Photoshop II
CIS 64 - Illustrator

Do you what to add a class?
*** If you want to add an online class that is already close, you need to add your name to the waiting list at the time of registration. 

Online students taking short term courses that do not login OR participate on the first three days of classes by submitting the first assignment will be dropped from the class.

*** If you want to add an on campus class, you need to add your name to the waiting list at the time of registration.  If you cannot get to the waiting list, I am recommending you to come to the first during the first TWO class sessions and see if any student who is enrolled in the class is not coming to class. The instructor will replace those students who do not show up to class on the first week of classes.

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