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Faculty - High Tech Trainig Center

CIS 59B - Dreamweaver II
Fall 2011 Wednesday B255

CIS 60B - Photoshop II

CIS 61 - Fireworks

CIS 56 Multimeda for the Web
Fall 2011 Thursday B255

CIS 65 Flash Catalyst
Fall 2011 Tuesday B253

CIS 1 Computer Concepts with Applications

CIS 4 Computer Applications

CIS 60A Photoshop I



Contact Kathryn:

Kathryn St.Amant brings a professional skillset into the classroom. The tools being taught are used by her every day in her Web design and studio production business. Kathryn is known for melding her visual and technical expertice to produce products that work for her clients and her students.

Build your skill set, learn how to design and produce professional products for your clients, or for yourself. Take your new skill set into the workforce. Take a class taught by someone who loves to teach, knows how to teach, works in the industry, and loves what she does.

Kathryn was invited by Adobe to join the Adobe Education Leaders. Here is a description from Adobe's website of what an AEL is:

"Adobe Education Leaders are educators who have used their unique abilities and expertise to promote excellence in education through the integration of Adobe solutions in the classroom, school, or district.

The Adobe Education Leaders program highlights the successes and contributions of innovative educators involved in education utilizing Adobe tools and applications."

Kathy Sailing


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