I conducted research on monarch butterflies, Danaus plexippus, in California for close to 20 years. Sometimes my telephone used to ring off the hook with questions about monarchs from interested people. To allow people access at any time especially when I am not available, this webpage has been developed.  I abruptly quit monarch research about 10 years ago and have not kept up on the organizations and politics of this very sensitive issue.  So I probably can't address those sorts of queries.  On the other hand, if the questions are more strictly related to biology, fire away.

In the future, I hoped to add sections on seasonal summaries, updates, and other pieces of interest.  I have been negligent in improving this page, but alas a solution has emerged.  It seems school teachers have been teaching their students about the internet, and one of the tasks is to find appropriate and related websites, a few of which have been filtering over to me.  Hence, I will begin adding them, the caveat being that I'll give the site a quick look to make sure they are legit but do not vouch for them.

"Insect Collecting and Information for Kids" http://www.bedbugs.org/insect-collecting-for-kids/  This site is NOT about "bedbugs" (= Cimicidae), but is what the title states.

If you have further questions or suggestions, my office is located in the  Science Building.  My office is in SCI288, or you can write me at:

Santa Monica College 1900 Pico Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90405-1628. (310) 434-4702 e-mail: sakai_walter@smc.edu or danausakai@aol.com 


A. Monarch Butterfly Natural History
B. Monarch Overwintering Sites in California
C. A Monarch Butterfly Lexicon
D. Monarch Organizations
E.  Butterfly Gardening and Such
F.  Ellwood Main Monarch Overwintering Site Research.




Last updated:  23 May 2012