Walter H. Sakai's Home Page
My two primary interests are bird banding and monarch butterflies.  You can learn more about my activities and passions below.

There are three parts to my home page.

ACADEMIC related matters

Bird Banding related matters

Monarch butterfly related matters

Northern Saw-whet Owl, SY-male.  Banded in San Gabriel Mtns on 30 April 2006


 The Second Year Blue Grosbeak was caught and banded in Zuma Canyon in spring 2012.  It is occasionally seen in the canyon, but it is the first one banded in 15+ years.

Dad and son checking a bluebird box. (Click on box) Picture is several years old.  Son is now as tall as Dad.

The information below is provided so that you can contact me in other, sometimes more archaic but often more reliable, ways.  In a few cases, you may get lucky and actually talk to a real person.

TELEPHONE (with voice mail):  310.434.4702
FAX: 310.434.3624
OFFICE:  SCI 288 (Note Change!)
OFFICE HOURS: 11:05a-ish to 12:30p-ish
SNAIL MAIL:  Walter H. Sakai, Santa Monica College, 1900 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405-1628


"SENSEI" - Japanese for teacher.  Students often call me sensei.  This avoids the confusion of what title I should have.  Students ask if they should call me Dr (no, I have no PhD or MD), Mr (yes, I am male), Professor (academically yes), Walt (a bit informal), Sakai (more informal), or hey you, or "Dude!" (rude)!  Then, most foreign born students are very respectful and call all of their instructors using the former, while American born students are more informal (not necessarily disrespectful).

Red-tailed Hawk took a Cooper's Hawk on our campus.  Frames grabbed from a video taken by Jim Serikawa, staff member in Media Center/Graphics Center.









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