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Course:  Theatre Arts 10A- Beginning Voice Development for the Stage

TEXT:  Arthur Lessac's 3rd edition of The Use & Training of the Human Voice

Beginning Voice Development for the Stage is an entry-level class for the student who wishes to find the bigger, fuller voice within.  Whether that student is an actor, businessman or foreign exchange student, the creative approach used in the Lessac Technique makes the journey, exciting, rewarding and successful.  The emphasis on healthy speech free from habitual tension is instrumental in transforming the voice.

This is a performance class and students are expected to be actively involved in daily warm-ups, explorations, rehearsals and four performing events throughout the semester.  The student can expect improved diction, deeper, more full tones that enhance the color and depth to the voice and greater intelligibility.  We use monologues to explore and experiment with and, as a result, the student will see how the technique greatly enhances character development.

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