Words Commonly Confused 

by  V. Bell, J. Cheney, P. J. King & M. P. Moore


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accept, except brake, break desert, dessert its, it's presence, presents vain, vane, vein
advice, advise breathe, breath, breadth device, devise knew, new, know, no principal, principle  
affect, effect by, bye, buy faint, feint later, latter precede, proceed vociferous, voracious
allot, a lot can, may farther, further lead, led quiet, quit, quite  
all ready, already canvas, canvass   lay, lie rain, reign, rein waist, waste
  capital, capitol fewer, less leave, let raise, rise weak, week
all together, altogether cite, site, sight formerly, formally loose, lose sea, see  
allusion, illusion clothes, cloths forth, fourth notable, noticeable sit, set wear, were, where
altar, alter coarse, course good, well object, subject stationary, stationery weather, whether, rather
among, between compare, contrast hear, here passed, past statue, stature, statute whose, who's
are, hour, our compare to, compare with hole, whole     your, you're
award, reward complement, compliment imply, infer peace, piece than, then  
compare to, compare with consul, council, counsel incidence, incidents plain, plane their, there, they're  
bad, badly decent, descent, dissent incite, insight pore, pour threw, through  
beside, besides delusion, illusion, allusion instance, instants precedence, precedent to, too, two