Reading for Understanding Two Tests
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L. Campbell   M. Hartman E. Markarian


E. Shapiro


J. Cheney   E. Hioureas

N. Miller


G. Todd


P. Colton

  M. Hotsinpiller  

N. Nason


M. Wallach 

A. Duran   K. James Mira Pak


S. Woodruff

B. Eberle   R. Klemp N. Ricard N. Wright  
C. Fuchs  

J. Krug

P. Sahgal


J. Gorgie




J. Sandstrom



RFU Three Placement Tests

L.Campbell  R. Klemp Penny Roberts  
J.  Cheney J. Krug P. Sahgal  
 C. Fuchs E. Markarian J. Sandstrom  
 J. Gorgie L. Pritchard S. Steeber  
M. Hotsinpiller J. Paik-Schoenberg    
 K. James N.  Ricard    

After you take your test and submit it, it will be sent electronically to your instructor's email address. Your instructor then will be able to assign you to an appropriate starting level for the Reading for Understanding program.