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To practice comprehension and reasoning skills, click below:

Reading for Understanding*

by Thelma  Gwinn Thurstone

Reading for Understanding Program

Reading for Understanding (RFU) Pretests

Do you need a form on which to write your answers?

Use this chart to to choose your starting RFU number.


*with permission from The McGraw-Hill Co., Inc.

Ultimate Speed Reader  

Ultimate Speed Reader is available on the computers in the Reading Lab, the SMC Library and the Cayton Center.

  When working on this program, write down on a sheet of paper the answers to the multiple choice questions, your WPM, your comprehension score and a brief summary in paragraph form.  Your summary should capture the main ideas of the reading and can be three or four sentences. 

 Before you begin working on the stories, spend at least five minutes working on the Warm-Up Exercises. 

Check your instructor's assignment guide for more specific directions.

The goal of each Ultimate Speed Reader activity

Table of Contents of Ultimate Speed Reader

Sample Answer Form

               Do you want to keep a record of your scores?

Dennis Doyle's speed reading tips



Words Commonly Confused

by  V. Bell, J. Cheney, P. King and M. P. Moore

Words Commonly Confused

Words Commonly Confused Pretest



How to make vocabulary cards for your reading class.

How to make vocabulary cards

        American Heritage Dictionary  
Your Dictionary

CNN Stories

Online Readings with comprehension questions

How to Spell Worksheet

Townsend Press Online Exercises

 Longman Reading Lab

Longman's The Skilled Reader



Pearson Education     

Congos's Study Skills Inventory 

Professor Gorgie's "Where Does Time Go?" assignment

Woman in deep thought

How to Write a Summary


 Vocabulary Words
To Kill a Mockingbird

 American English Proverbs*

American English Idioms

Man looking in a dictionary


Books on a 2-hour reserve in the SMC Library:
Critical Reading Series: Deceptions
Critical Reading Series: Disasters
Critical Reading Series: Phenomena
Everyday Heroes
Selections from the Black: Books 1, 2, 3 and 4
Taking Charge of My Life
Topics for the Restless: Books 1, 2, 3 and 4
The Wild Side: Extreme Sports
The Wild Side: In the Line of Duty
The Wild Side: Total Panic

Goodman Readers:
   Travels                  More Travels
  Adventures             More Adventures
  Chills                      More Chills
  Surprises               More Surprises
  Shocks                   After Shocks
  Sudden Twists       More Twists
  Encounters             More Encounters
  Conflicts                More Conflicts 

Santa Monica College Library
(Use the Online Catalogue)

Software programs available in the Reading Lab

Happy dog reading


Parts of Speech


Types of Fallacies: 

Learn to detect faulty reasoning.


  On-line Vocabulary and Reading Resources: Click on the title.

A Guide to Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary
Some Basic Spelling Rules
Latin Derivatives (prepared by Gene Moutoux)
Of Mice and Men Study Guide
To Kill a Mockingbird Study Guide
Los Angeles Public Library


SMC English Department    

Writing & Humanities Tutoring

Other SMC Tutoring Sites

Assistance is offered at no charge to  SMC students. Drescher Hall  Room 313.


Where are the computer labs on campus and what are their schedules of operation?

          Reading/Writing Instructors:

Laura Campbell     
Kimberly James  
George Davison   Judith Sandstrom
  Ron Klemp Elisha Shapiro


Jessica Krug Sharon Steeber
  Ed Markarian  Gary Todd
  Nancy Nason  
Martha Hartman  Jean Paik-Schoenberg Saundra Woodruff
Eleni Hioureas   Nadine Wright
Matthew Hotsinpiller   Kayli Weatherford

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Reading Center Coordinator: Joyce Cheney

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