Quiz 4C: Online Searching and General Review

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  1. Boolean operators are
  2. Your answer:
    AND, OR, NOT
    computer databases
    DVD players
    AND, BUT, OR

  3. OPACs are
  4. Your answer:
    computer catalogs
    periodical indexes
    BIOSIS products
    cards and newspapers

  5. Ebscohost searches include
  6. Your answer:
    books, subject, and addresses searches
    every SMC periodical
    the publisherís subsidiaries
    keyword and subject searches

  7. PubMed and NLM Gateway allow access to
  8. Your answer:
    all government publications
    the Biomedical Libraries at UCLA and Dartmouth
    the MEDLINE database
    Biological Abstracts

  9. MEDLINE is an online database containing
  10. Your answer:
    journal article citations useful to health and life sciences researchers
    the SMC Library science periodical indexes
    fulltext journal articles useful for neurosurgeons and physicists
    many pamphlet files

  11. A PubMed retrieval system is named
  12. Your answer:

  13. The NLM is
  14. Your answer:
    a clearinghouse for community college instruction
    the National Library Management office
    the U. S. National Library of Medicine
    a New Library Matching classification system

  15. SMC students have remote access to SMC Library online resources via
  16. Your answer:
    the telephone directory
    their social security numbers
    their SMC student accounts
    their telephone number codes

  17. PubMed provides access to
  18. Your answer:
    over 2,700 periodicals on all subjects
    over 11 million MEDLINE citations
    over one million BIOSIS fulltext articles

  19. "BIOSIS Previews" is an online database of
  20. Your answer:
    life sciences journal articles and meeting reports
    UCLA Biomedical Library floorplans and layouts
    life sciences abstracts, legal documents, and OPACs
    guides to the Surgeon Generalís memoirs

  21. Most libraries have
  22. Your answer:
    print and non-print materials
    wooden chairs
    stained glass windows
    cassette recorders

  23. The main kinds of print materials in most libraries are
  24. Your answer:
    books and periodicals
    cards and newspapers
    pamphlets and cassettes
    pamphlets and videotapes

  25. To use the computer catalog to find a book, you should know
  26. Your answer:
    the city where the book was printed
    the author, title, or subject keywords of wanted books
    the color of the book you want
    the address of the publisher

  27. To find books in the SMC Library, you should
  28. Your answer:
    look at the display case
    use the "Readerís Guide"
    use the OPAC/computer catalog
    read the periodicals holding list

  29. Books owned by the SMC library are listed in
  30. Your answer:
    a periodical holdings list
    many pamphlet files
    several periodical indexes
    the OPAC/computer catalog

  31. SMC Libraryís principal catalog is a
  32. Your answer:
    computer catalog
    book file
    card catalog
    dictionary file

  33. The call number of a book
  34. Your answer:
    is a total of all the numbers on the catalog record
    identifies the book by subject code and determines where it is shelved
    is also the copyright date
    tells where the book was published

  35. Books in the SMC library are classified according to
  36. Your answer:
    their color
    the Library of Congress Classification System
    the Dewey Decimal Classification System
    the President of the U.S. classification system

  37. The Dewey Decimal Classification System uses
  38. Your answer:
    fancy pictures to arrange books
    green ink to write the call numbers
    glue to keep the books together
    numbers to identify books by subject and to arrange them on the shelves

  39. The Library of Congress Classification System uses
  40. Your answer:
    glue to keep the books together
    green ink to write the call numbers
    letters of the alphabet to indicate the broad subjects of books
    fancy pictures to arrange books


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