Quiz 2A: Books, Periodicals, and Periodical Indexes

Review the information on books, periodicals, and periodical indexes in the preceding section(s). Then, select the one best answer to each of the questions below. When you finish the quiz, click "Submit Answers" to send your anwers.

  1. The term "OPAC" stands for
  2. Your answer:
    A middle eastern oil cartel
    Official Parliamentary Acts of Canada
    Online Publications And Charters
    Online Public Access Catalog

  3. SMC Library books are classified according to
  4. Your answer:
    the Library of Congress Classification System (LC)
    a UCLA mathematician
    the Biomedical Library
    Lassen County Clerk (LC)

  5. To classify their books, many public libraries use the
  6. Your answer:
    Biomedical Library
    Standard Industrial Classification codes
    Lassen County Clerk (LC)
    Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC)

  7. To indicate the broad subjects of books, LC uses
  8. Your answer:
    a retail store code
    the Standard Industrial Classification code
    the telephone directory
    the letters of the alphabet

  9. The call number of a book
  10. Your answer:
    gives publishers' telephone numbers
    begins with the letter "O"
    reveals the author's marital status
    identifies, describes, and gives the shelf location of the book

  11. The call number of a book also
  12. Your answer:
    always connects to publisher directories
    recommends related periodicals
    indicates where it is shelved
    tells what color it is

  13. When you locate a book you want in the OPAC,
  14. Your answer:
    write down its call number
    call CNN
    check the Reader's Guide
    check your e-mail

  15. Current periodicals usually contain
  16. Your answer:
    longer and more researched information than books
    all the book information of UCLA libraries
    more recent and up-to-date information than books
    only Italian articles

  17. Newspapers usually contain
  18. Your answer:
    Internet passwords
    telephone directories
    the news of the day or the time period covered
    the news of Italy only

  19. Journals usually contain articles on
  20. Your answer:
    pre-school education only
    World Wide Web browsers only
    subjects written for and by scholars or professionals in a field
    UCLA's online catalog only

  21. Periodicals are
  22. Your answer:
    a World Wide Web browser
    SMC Library's online catalog
    UCLA's online catalog
    magazines, jounals, and newspapers

  23. The word "journal"
  24. Your answer:
    can only be used by UCLA
    always appears in the title of jounals
    none of the above
    may not appear in the title of some journals

  25. Magazines are usually meant for
  26. Your answer:
    students only
    Amazon.com members only
    experts in the medical field
    the "average" reader

  27. A periodical index tells users
  28. Your answer:
    which books are owned by UCLA libraries
    the addresses of database programmers
    which magazines are owned by SMC Library
    which specific periodical issues contain articles on specific subjects

  29. In the "SMC Library Periodical Holdings List",
  30. Your answer:
    Librarians are listed by their addresses
    periodicals are listed alphabetically by their titles
    books are listed chronologically by their copyright dates
    all of the above

  31. The most updated information on SMC Library periodicals is found in
  32. Your answer:
    the copier room
    the pamphlet file
    the microfilm
    none of the above

  33. A "subject" periodical index
  34. Your answer:
    is free to all libraries
    contains mostly biology book titles
    can be found only in public libraries
    has entries on one subject area

  35. If a periodical title does not appear in the "SMC Library Periodical Holdings List", then
  36. Your answer:
    it is on loan to the Santa Monica Public Library
    SMC Library does not subscribe to it
    SMC Library only has it on microfilm
    none of the above

  37. Most of SMC Library's major print indexes
  38. Your answer:
    are borrowed from UCLA
    are kept behind the circulation desk
    are only on science topics
    none of the above

  39. "Newsweek" and "Good Housekeeping" are
  40. Your answer:
    peirodical indexes


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