Quiz 2: Analyzing OPAC Records

Examine and review the following record, representing an OPAC entry for a book in the SMC Library collection. Using the information provided in the record, select the one best answer to each of the first nine questions below. Then, follow instructions in question ten below to select the most correct answers to the remaining questions. When you finish the quiz, click "Submit Answers" to send your answers.

  1. The book's call number is
  2. Your answer:
    NC 1429 .S583 .A4 1984
    QH 308.2 .A93 1999
    QB 721 .S34 1997
    28 cm

  3. The book's author(s):
  4. Your answer:
    Teresa Audesirk and Gerald Audesirk
    Carl Sagan
    William Steig and Prentice Hall
    William C. Brown

  5. The title of the book is
  6. Your answer:
    Biology: life on earth
    Random House
    William C. Brown
    Upper Saddle River

  7. A subject term for the book is
  8. Your answer:
    Carl Sagan
    Origin of Life

  9. The city of publication for the book is
  10. Your answer:
    Boston (Massachusetts)
    Upper Saddle River (New Jersey)
    Dubuque (Iowa)
    New Jersey

  11. The publisher is
  12. Your answer:
    Prentice Hall
    Upper Saddle River
    Pergamon Press

  13. The copyright/publication date is
  14. Your answer:

  15. One copy of the book is located in the Library's
  16. Your answer:
    reference section
    microfilm section
    pamphlet file
    reserves section

  17. The author listed as an "Added Author" is
  18. Your answer:
    Steven Hawking
    Francis Hamilton
    Gerald Audesirk
    Carl Sagan

  19. Enter the Library Catalog to find a book entitled “Chance in the House of Fate”. Review the record found for the book, then select the one best answer to each of the following questions. When you finish the quiz, click “Submit Answers” to send your answers. Who is the author of the book?
  20. Your answer:
    Jennifer Ackerman
    Vernon Ahmadjian
    Frederick Bruce Hutt
    William Steig

  21. How many pages does the book contain?
  22. Your answer:
    xii,544 p
    ix,46 p
    xiv,1221 p
    xvi, 252p

  23. What is the call number for the book?
  24. Your answer:
    QK 581 .A35
    QH 413 .Hu67
    QH 431 .A25 2001
    QA 76.2 .J98 2001

  25. What company is publisher of the book?
  26. Your answer:
    Houghton Mifflin
    University of California Press
    Prentice Hall

  27. The complete title of the book is
  28. Your answer:
    Chance in the house of fate: a natural history of heredity
    Chance in the house of fate: the future of genetics
    The future of genetics: chance in the house of fate
    The future of genetics: a natural history of heredity

  29. What is the copyright date of the book?
  30. Your answer:

  31. What is a subject of the book?
  32. Your answer:
    Gambling casinos-- Las Vegas
    Human Genetics—Popular works

  33. Does the book contain any significant illustrations?
  34. Your answer:
    yes, but only in the frontispiece
    yes, but only in the introduction

  35. What is the city of publication?
  36. Your answer:
    Des Moines, Iowa
    San Diego
    Upper Falls River

  37. How many authors does the book have?
  38. Your answer:

  39. Where is the book located in the SMC Library?
  40. Your answer:
    on reserve
    in microfilm cabinets
    in the stacks
    at the reference desk


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