Quiz 4B: General Science Full-Text

Go to General Science Full-Text 1984-present. Search for and examine the article described in Question # 1 below. Then select the one best answer to each of the questions. When you finish the quiz, click "Submit Answers" to send your answers.

  1. An author of an article on soil mineralogy and gypsum is
  2. Your answer:
    Beth Scudmore
    Jose Ribeiro
    Adrian Escudero
    Francis Hamilton

  3. The title of the article found begins with the words
  4. Your answer:
    Crystal Gypsophila in Soil Mineralogy…
    Annual Plants Minus Bryonomes in Semiarid Spain…
    Factors Affecting Establishment of a Gypsophyte…
    Research in Brassicaceae…

  5. In which journal does the article appear?
  6. Your answer:
    British Journal of Ecology
    Bryophytes Quarterly
    American Journal of Botany
    Scientific American

  7. What is the language of the document?
  8. Your answer:

  9. What is the volume and issue number of the periodical?
  10. Your answer:
    Volume 6, Number 2
    Volume 22, Number 112
    Volume 112, Number 22
    Volume 87, Number 6

  11. On what page(s) does the article appear?
  12. Your answer:

  13. What is the date of the journal where the article appears?
  14. Your answer:
    March 9, 2001
    July/August 1999
    June 2000
    November 4, 2000

  15. Does the General Science Full-Text database contain the full text of the article?
  16. Your answer:

  17. Does the SMC Library subscribe to a hard copy of the journal in which the article appears? (Check the OPAC or the SMC Library Periodical Holdings List in the reference area)
  18. Your answer:

  19. If the answer above is "yes", in which format is the issue containing the article?
  20. Your answer:
    Not applicable: the answer to #9 above is No

  21. A co-author of the article is
  22. Your answer:
    Francisco Franco
    Jose M. Olano
    Francis Hamilton
    Sarita B. Davis


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