Quiz 3A: Biological Abstracts/BIOSIS Previews/ ORION2, MELVYL, The Biomedical Library

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  1. "Biological Abstracts" is
  2. Your answer:
    an abstract as well as an index
    a catalog as well as a biography
    a journal as well as a catalog
    a periodical as well as pamphlet

  3. Article abstracts in "Biological Abstracts" are arranged
  4. Your answer:
    by sponsoring institution
    alphabetically by title
    alphabetically by date
    by abstract number and by broad subject/classification

  5. The main index to the articles in SMC Library's print version of "Biological Abstracts" is
  6. Your answer:
    a keyword index
    on 3" X5" index cards
    a catalog sampling index
    a newspaper index

  7. If the title of a journal in "Biological Abstracts" is abbreviated, look for the full spelling of the title in
  8. Your answer:
    "New York Times Index"
    "Reader's Guide"
    BIOSIS Inc.
    "Serial Sources for the BIOSIS Previews Database"

  9. At UCLA, "Biological Abstracts" would most likely be found in
  10. Your answer:
    the Biomedical Library
    the undergraduate library
    all their libraries
    the Anderson Library

  11. Many of the articles in "Biological Abstracts" come from
  12. Your answer:
    hospital writers
    scholarly journals

  13. The publisher of "Biological Abstracts" is
  14. Your answer:
    BIOSIS, Inc.
    Biomedical Library

  15. Information in "Biological Abstracts" is concentrated in
  16. Your answer:
    call number order
    digest form
    database catalogs
    the life sciences

  17. Topics in "Biological Abstracts" include
  18. Your answer:
    geology, anthropology, and pharmacology
    pharmacology, biochemistry, and microbiology
    botany, German, and physics
    botany, physics, and geology

  19. "Biological Abstracts" indexes
  20. Your answer:
    General Science Index
    6,700 Biomedical Library books per month
    Over 4,000 serials/periodicals per year
    Reader's Guide

  21. ORION2 is
  22. Your answer:
    UC Berkeley's OPAC
    The Biomedical Library's abstract service
    SMC Library's index

  23. The name ORION comes from
  24. Your answer:
    an index of over 2,700 periodicals
    the nickname of UCLA's marching band
    the name of a contributor to the UCLA library
    the name of a figure from Greek mythology

  25. SMC students can access ORION
  26. Your answer:
    in the mornings only
    only by a UCLA password
    for a fee via the Internet
    for free via the Internet

  27. ORION2 can usually be accessed
  28. Your answer:
    via the Internet with a pasword given by BIOSIS
    by password given by the SMC Library
    via the Internet without using a UCLA password
    only in the evenings

  29. MELVYL is
  30. Your answer:
    the name of a library biology index
    a system of running a library
    the undergraduate enrollment system of all UC campuses
    the combined library catalog of all UC campus libraries

  31. MELVYL is named for
  32. Your answer:
    the creator of the Dewey Decimal System
    a contributor to Berkeley's libraries
    the creator of BIOSIS
    a UC series of library passwords

  33. One version of MELVYL is
  34. Your answer:
    a co-owner of BIOSIS
    an abstract purchasing system
    a periodical pamphlet
    a catalog only

  35. Another version of MELVYL contains
  36. Your answer:
    databases of journal articles available to UC affiliated users
    alphabetical listings of telephone numbers
    a furniture purchasing system available to USC library users
    pamphlet files of the SMC Library

  37. UCLA's Biomedical Library is
  38. Your answer:
    a major health sciences research library
    on sabbatical leave
    a west coast branch of BIOSIS
    a newspaper index publisher

  39. The Biomedical Library subscribes to
  40. Your answer:
    many research journals
    all books that SMC Library requests
    newsletters only
    many Dutch furniture catalogs

  41. The Biomedical Library mainly uses
  42. Your answer:
    card catalogs
    the Dewey Decimal classification system
    the Los Angeles County classification system
    the National Library of Medicine classifcation system

  43. The Biomedical Library has
  44. Your answer:
    robots to retrieve journals
    weekend hours only
    traffic citation payment desks
    a multi-level layout and floor plan

  45. On which level of UCLA's Biomedical Library would a journal whose call number is "W1 J505 A988" be located? (Check Locating Materials in the Biomedical Library)
  46. Your answer:
    Level 1
    Level 10
    Level 3
    Level 9

  47. “BIOSIS Previews” is produced by the same company that produces the print version of
  48. Your answer:
    call numbers for public library books
    "Biological Abstracts"
    digests for preschoolers
    database catalog programming

  49. “BIOSIS Previews” has articles on
  50. Your answer:
    life science topics
    all science and social science topics
    the subject of botany only
    geology, anthropology, and astrology

  51. SMC Library users have access to “BIOSIS Previews” via
  52. Your answer:
    the MELVYL catalog from SMC Library computers
    SMC Library’s “Library Databases” listings
    Not applicable: SMC Library has no access to BIOSIS Previews at this time
    "Reader's Guide"

  53. “BIOSIS Previews” contains
  54. Your answer:
    Journal articles and meeting/conference reports
    UC Berkeley's OPAC
    pamphlets from the Biomedical Library's abstract service
    SMC Library's index

  55. The complete “BIOSIS Previews” database contains about 13 million records dating from
  56. Your answer:

  57. The version of “BIOSIS Previews” currently used at UCLA dates from
  58. Your answer:

  59. “BIOSIS Previews” adds over
  60. Your answer:
    560,000 new citations per year
    twenty new library systems per year
    76 new journal titles to their database per month
    1,200 new researchers to their staff per year


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