Waist or Waste?

J. Cheney

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1. Waist is a noun that refers to the middle section of a person's body--below the rib cage and above the hips.

2. Waste as a noun refers to uncultivated or uninhabited land or to discarded material. As a verb, waste means to devastate or to ruin; to wear away.

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  1. Vivien Leigh, the star in the original "Gone with the Wind" film, was famous for her 18-inch (waist, waste).
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  3. Ecologists and conservationists are always urging people not to (waist, waste) anything that is made of a natural product.
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  5. Please do not throw your empty plastic water bottles into the (waist, waste) basket. Please put them in the recycle bin.
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  7. Jenna took her jeans to the tailor to have them rehemmed and to have the (waistband, wasteband) altered since she had lost ten pounds.
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  9. At a garage sale, possessions that are (waists, wastes) to a seller wanting to get rid of things are bargains to a buyer looking for treasures.
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  11. I felt so (waisted, wasted) after eating only junk food and staying out late at the party that I promised that I would change my bad habits.
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