Vociferous or Voracious?

V. Bell

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Vociferous means a noisy or violent outcry.

Voracious means consuming great amounts of food or an activity; greedy.

Read each sentence below carefully. Select the correct word.

  1. The angry, (vociferous,voracious) crowd shouted insults at the mayor and the city council members.
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  3. After several days without food, the dog had a (vociferous,voracious) appetite.
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  5. Jerry was very (vociferous,voracious) when his instructor accused him of academic misconduct after the instructor had read Jerry's research paper.
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  7. Sharks are feared for their (vociferous,voracious) appetites for flesh, both living and dead.
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  9. Many people are (vociferous,voracious) for gossip and slander concerning the rich and famous.
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