M. P. Moore

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Read the statements below carefully and write in the correct word. Remember the differences between the words.

To "is used as a function word to indicate an action or a process" (prep.) or "is used as a function word to indicate that the following verb is an infinitive"

Too means excessively (adv.)

Two means "being one more than one in number" (adj.)

  1. (To/Too/Two) many of his peers, Sean seemed to lack the commitment he needed to become a serious artist.
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  3. We are far (to/too/two) willing to accept from our friends the type of treatment that we would not think of tolerating from our enemies.
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  5. I admit that I desire your affection, but I refuse (to/too/two) beg you for it.
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  7. There are (to/too/two) things of which I am certain; the moment they become crystallized in my mind, I will reveal them to you.
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  9. Having squandered (to/too/two) much money on their wedding, Annie and Andy had little left over for their honeymoon.
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