M. P. Moore

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Read the statements below carefully and write in the correct word. Remember the differences between the words.

Their means relating to them (adj.).

There means "in that matter, respect, or relation" (adv.)

They're is a contraction of the words they (pron.) and are (v.)

  1. (Their/There/They're) are three of us who comprise the carpool.
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  3. So that (their/there/they're) is no confusion, Patricia does not speak with a French accent is because she was reared in Paris, Texas.
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  5. If you want proof of the predictability of human behavior, just drive along any freeway. I guarantee you will find that, at the first sign of carnage, most drivers will crane (their/there/they're) necks in hopes of getting a better view of it.
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  7. (Their/There/They're) all going to the street fair, despite the fact that forecasters predict it will rain.
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  9. Because of a judgment rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court, George W. Bush will succeed Bill Clinton as president, despite the fact that(their/there/they're) is widespread doubt about the authenticity of his election.
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