M. P. Moore

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Remember the differences between the words.

Than is used to indicate difference (conj.)

Then means next or consequently (adv.)

  1. Since fewer people (than/then) expected bought tickets, the play closed after only one week.
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  3. If you are hoping to win a war against drugs by attacking only the supply and ignoring the demand, (than/then) you will be achieving only part of your goal.
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  5. It had taken months to plan everything for our trip to New Orleans; (than/then), at the last minute, because of the strike, our flights were cancelled.
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  7. It would be safer for the group of us to explore the caves (than/then) for each of us to go in alone.
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  9. I climbed into the car;(than/then), after I strapped myself in, I realized that I had left my satchel on the hood.
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