Stationary or Stationery?

J. Cheney

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1. Stationary is an adjective that means not moving, still. As a noun, stationary refers to an individual who is unmoving or staying in one place.

2. Stationery is a noun that refers to the paper on which one writes or to other related items.

  1. To be official, the letter of recommendation needs to be written on college (stationary, stationery).
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  3. In spite of the strong winds, the aluminum sign remained (stationary, stationery).
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  5. An appropriate gift for any occasion is personalized (stationary, stationery).
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  7. The (stationary, stationery) conditions of the situation enabled her to understand it despite her other confusion.
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  9. The robber, confused by his intellectual interests, yelled at his victim: "Remain (stationary, stationery) and deposit all your belongings from your pockets onto the ground."
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