Rain, Reign or Rein?

J. Cheney

This quiz is no longer functioning. Please use it for reference purposes only.

1. Rain is a noun or verb and refers to the water that drops from the sky.

2. Reign as a noun means the period during which one occupies the throne; royal rule; dominating power. As a verb, reign means to rule or to possess supreme power over something or someone.

3. Rein as a noun refers to a leather strap fastened on to a horse's bridle and used to control the horse. As a verb, to rein means to check or guide a horse using the reins.

  1. One should be a kind rider and pull only gently on a horse's (rain, reign, rein).
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  3. Queen Elizabeth I (rained, reigned, reined) over England between 1558 to 1603.
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  5. It has (rained, reigned, reined) for the past six weekends.
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  7. The neighbors' dogs are so big and strong that the owners should use (rains, reigns, reins) instead of leashes to control the animals during morning walks.
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  9. The labor union representative urged the disgruntled employees to rephrase in their letter to the employer the sentence that said: "Under your (rain, reign, rein), we have endured tortuous conditions of oppression."
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