M. P. Moore

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Read the statements below carefully and write in the correct word. Remember the differences between the words.

Quiet is silence (n.) or it means to silence (v.)

Quit means to stop (v.)

Quite means truly or considerably (adv.)

  1. The rowdier members of the crowd began to (quiet/quit/quite) down once they saw the riot police arrive on the scene.
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  3. I found her patronizing attitude towards my ideas (quiet/quit/quite) insulting.
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  5. Eager to flee the hustle and the bustle of San Francisco, Kelly sought the (quiet/quit/quite) of Morro Bay.
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  7. One rarely sees a performer (quiet/quit/quite) show business after scoring only one hit.
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  9. (Quiet/Quit/Quite) a few of Andrew's clients deserted him after he was implicated in an embezzlement scheme.
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