Pore or Pour?

J. Cheney

1. Pore as a verb means to study or examine something. As a noun, pore means an opening as in the skin or in the leaves of plants.

2. Pour as a verb means to flow freely or to empty a fluid from one source to another.

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  1. Looking for the correct spelling of a name, I (pored, poured) over the article's many paragraphs.
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  3. The rain (pored, poured) constantly, so the street was flooded by morning.
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  5. "Will you (pore, pour) water into the glasses?" asked the manager.
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  7. The heavy cold cream blocked the young woman's (pores, pours).
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  9. The (porous, pourous) texture made the cloth feel bumpy. In the light, I could see the miniscule holes in the material.
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