Loose or Lose?

J. Cheney

This quiz is no longer functioning. Please use it for reference purposes only.

1. Loose with its two "o's" should remind you that there is too much space so something is "loose" as in a pair of loose (or roomy) pants. Loose also can refer to a handful of coins that are unrestrained as in "loose change." Similarly, a person may be described as "loose" if he or she functions with few rules or boundaries.

2. Lose with only one "o" should remind you that something is missing as when one loses or becomes unable to find or keep something or fails to achieve, as in "to lose" a game.

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  1. When Jim stopped eating desserts and snacks for two weeks, he began to (loose, lose) five extra pounds.
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  3. When Vicky was in high school, she had a bad reputation for being (loose, lose) since she had one boyfriend after another.
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  5. I was afraid that I would (loose, lose) my place in line, so I waited for thirty minutes before my name was called.
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  7. Today's fashions call for (loose, lose) clothing, which are far more comfortable than last year's skin-tight themes.
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  9. Whenever I read a good book, I almost (loose, lose) myself in its drama.
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