Leave or Let?

J. Cheney

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1. Leave as a verb means to depart or to go away from or to cause to remain behind. As a noun, leave refers to a departure.

2. Let as a verb means to allow or to permit. Let also can mean to rent or to lease. As a noun, let can mean a hindrance or an obstacle.

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  1. What time should we (leave, let) to go to the movie tonight?
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  3. Will you please (leave, let) me alone so that I can finish my work before noon?
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  5. "Please (leave, let) us have more time to finish our essays," pleaded the students.
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  7. Spending three of our four-week vacation away will (leave, let) us one week to relax at home.
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  9. If we (leave, let) our apartment for the summer, we can use the money to travel for a month.
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  11. Spending three of our four weeks away (leaves, lets) us have new experiences before we return to our old routine of running errands.
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