Instance or Instants?

J. Cheney

1. Instance is an noun that means a case or example of something.

2. Instants is a plural form of instant, which means a moment of time.

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  1. Daisy, the cocker spaniel next door, loves any kind of sweet. For (instance, instants), she enjoys everything from apple sauce to zucchini bread.
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  3. After several (instance, instants) of silence, the instructor resumed the lecture he had suddenly stopped.
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  5. An (instance, instants) of incorrect usage of grammar is: between he and I.
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  7. Paula provided a perfect (instance, instants) of the value of technology in the classroom: an electric pencil sharpener!
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  9. The quick (instance, instants) of pleasure were well worth the price of consuming too many calories.
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