Desert or Dessert?

1. Desert as a noun is an arid (dry)region that supports only sparse vegetation. To pronounce the noun desert, stress the second syllable and relax the first. The verb form, pronounced by stressing the first syllable and relaxing the second, means to leave or abandon.

2. Dessert as a noun refers to the refreshment, usually sweet, eaten after a meal. (An easy way to remember this word has two "s" letters is to think about the pleasure of eating two desserts). To pronounce this noun, stress the first syllable and relax the second.

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  1. Ally's first question after every meal is, "What's for (desert, dessert)?"
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  3. The young woman, ravaged by alcoholism, (deserted, desserted) her two children and husband.
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  5. California is fortunate to have beaches and (deserts, desserts) in close proximity; one can drive three hours and see both.
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  7. I felt so alienated from my friends and family that I felt like a (desert, dessert).
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  9. An absolutely divine (desert, dessert) is a sandwich of waffles with whipped cream in the middle.
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