Decent, Descent or Dissent?

J. Cheney

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1. Decent is an adjective that means fitting, appropriate or in good taste. To pronounce the word, stress the first syllable to make a strong (long) "e" sound.

2. Descent is a noun that means a decline or the act of moving downward. The verb is descend. To pronounce , relax the first syllable and stress the second.

3. Dissent as a verb means to disagree or to differ in opinion. To pronounce this verb, stress the first syllable and relax the second.

Dissent as a noun means an opposition or disagreement. To pronounce the noun form, relax the first and stress the second syllable.

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  1. When the evidence revealed the actual events of the case, the defendant, a public servant who once had earned great respect from his constituents, experienced a fast (decent, descent, dissent) into painful notoriety.
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  3. Our right to (decent, descent, dissent) from a majority opinion enables us to examine issues carefully and to discover new perspectives and new ways of solving problems.
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  5. Now it is time to offer (decent, descent, dissent) to the argument that chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla.
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  7. The father made a (decent, descent, dissent) attempt to talk his children into going to the zoo on the rainy day.
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  9. The plane's (decent, descent, dissent) at such a rapid rate caused my stomach to quiver.
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