M. P. Moore

Read the statements below carefully and choose the correct word. Remember the differences between the words.

Complement is that which makes something else perfect (n.) or the action of doing so (v.) or it means well-contrasted (adj.)

Compliment is a favorable remark or a "token of esteem" (n.) or to remark favorably (v.)

  1. I had hoped that you would accept my (complement/compliment) in the spirit of kindness that I gave it.
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  3. A glass of white wine is the ideal (complement/compliment) to a seafood meal.
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  5. What I find particularly appealing about him is the way his winning smile (complements/compliments) his pleasant demeanor.
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  7. Every customer who spends more than fifty dollars on groceries will receive a (complementary/complimentary) box of detergent.
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  9. Kara and Zeke attribute the longevity of their relationship to their (complementary/complimentary) personalities. In a manner of speaking, she is the yin to his yang.
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