M. P. Moore

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Read the sentences below carefully and choose the correct word. Remember the differences between the words.

Coarse means rude or rough (adj.)

Course is "a progression through a development or a period or a series of acts or events" or conduct (n.) or to issue from (v.)

  1. Since Willie could not pay his credit card bill in one lump sum, he paid it off a bit at a time, over the (coarse/course) of fourteen months.
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  3. The emcee's (coarse/course) delivery offended the delicate sensibilities of many in the audience.
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  5. With blood (coarsing/coursing) through his wounds, the gunshot victim was prostrate in the middle of the street when paramedics arrived.
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  7. Although Ennis was tempted to participate in the debate, he decided that, since he was ignorant of the issues, the smartest (coarse/course) of action was to decline the invitation.
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  9. Mohair sweaters may be all the rage in fashion this season, but I find the fabric much too (coarse/course) to suit my taste.
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