Canvas or Canvass?

J. Cheney

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1. Canvas is a noun that refers to a heavy, closely woven cloth of hemp, flax or cotton that is used for tents, sails or paintings. Canvas is similar to the denim material used to make jeans.

2. Canvass as a verb means: to solicit votes, opinions, or sales from a group of people. As a noun, canvass refers to the act of collecting votes or opinions; it is the close inspection of something.

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  1. Mildred went to the art supply store to purchase more (canvas, canvass) to prepare for her next painting.
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  3. After the election, the political science class was assigned to (canvas, canvass) the campus to find out students' opinions about the key issues.
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  5. The class' (canvas, canvass) showed that more students favored the losing candidate and the issues on her slate.
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  7. My book bag, which is made of (canvas, canvass), is so durable that it has lasted the wear-and-tear of three years of school!
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  9. When the telephone company makes its annual (canvas, canvass), I am going to seize the opportunity to voice all my complaints about its poor service lately.
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