Breathe, Breath and Breadth

J. Cheney

This quiz is no longer functioning. Please use it for reference purposes only.

Breathe is a verb that means: to draw air into the lungs and to exhale it; to inhale and to exhale

I breathe with difficulty when I climb that steep stairwell.

Breath is a noun that means: air filled with a fragrance or odor; the act of breathing; a slight indication or suggestion

His breath smelled of garlic.

Breadth means: the distance abstractly or concretely from one point to another

The breadth of his discussion was extensive, so I clearly understood his position on the issue.

Write in the word from the choices in parentheses. Then, click "submit" to send your answers.

  1. Because of the foul odor filling the room, I did not want to (breathe, breath, breadth).
  2. Your answer:

  3. On a cold morning, we can see our (breathe, breath, breadth).
  4. Your answer:

  5. The (breathe, breath, breadth) of his argument was insufficient, so I was not convinced.
  6. Your answer:

  7. I am so busy that I can't even take a (breathe, breath, breadth)!
  8. Your answer:

  9. People who (breathe, breath, breadth) loudly may have respiratory problems.
  10. Your answer:

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