Vernene Bell

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Remember the differences between the words.

As a verb, the word brake means to stop.

As a noun, brake is a device for slowing or stopping motion.

The word break means to smash or to shatter as in to break a cup. It also means to take a recess, as in a coffee break.

Write in the correct word here and on your paper; click "submit" at the end.

  1. A new driver does not always apply the (brake,break) smoothly to stop the car.
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  3. To many workers, their (brake,break) is the best part of working.
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  5. Susie's mother shouted, "Be careful or you will (brake,break) your arm on that skateboard!"
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  7. We almost had a tragedy on our street because someone carelessly left his car parked on the hill without setting the (brake,break), and the car rolled into a neighbor's front yard barely missing children at play.
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  9. There are some people in my family who seem to enjoy a (brake,break) in our Christmas tradition of having fruitcake for dessert.
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