Bad or Badly?

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1. Bad is an adjective that means not good or correct in any way. The degrees of badness are expressed by bad, worse, and worst.

2. Badly is an adverb used to describe how poorly or unsatisfactorily something is done.

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  1. I overslept and felt so (bad, badly) about missing my appointment.
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  3. Eva thought she had done (bad, badly) on the logic test, but she scored 100 percent!
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  5. He described the incidents of the story so (bad, badly) that I had a completely different understanding of what had actually happened.
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  7. Peter ate so much at the buffet that he felt (bad, badly) until the next day.
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  9. Annie wants her team to win the swim meet so (bad, badly) that she had her swimmers doing two workouts every day.
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