Are, Hour, Our

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1. Are is a plural verb or helping verb: The candy bars are on the table.

2. Hour refers to a period of sixty minutes: I need one hour more in order to complete this project.

3. Our is a possessive pronoun: Our goals in life are to learn, to laugh and to love.

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  1. The freeway was so busy last night that it took us over an (are, hour, our) to drive four miles.
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  3. The payroll office called to say that (are, hour, our) checks would not be ready for another (are, hour, our).
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  5. (Are, Hour, Our) you going to be free to go to the movie tonight?
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  7. "(Are, Hour, Our) best chance of winning at Bingo," advised the woman in the short skirt and high-heeled shoes, "is to play three cards at once."
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  9. She couldn't tell if (are, hour, our) winning was because of luck, smarts or her short skirt.
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