Altar or Alter?

J. Cheney

This quiz is no longer functioning. Please use it for reference purposes only.

1. Altar means a platform where sacrifices are made to a god or a platform at the front of a house of worship.

2. Alter means to change or amend.

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  1. My new jeans were too long, so I took them to a seamstress who (altars, alters) all my clothes.
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  3. The (alterations, altarations) were perfect! The length is just what I need.
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  5. If you need to (altar, alter) our plans to go out on the weekend, please call me before Friday morning.
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  7. When it was time for the bride to walk the aisle to the (altar, alter), she began to tremble as she was so nervous.
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  9. The bride's priest and the groom's minister stood side by side at the (altar, alter) to conduct the wedding ceremony.
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