All together or Altogether?

J. Cheney

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1. All together are two words that mean that everybody or everything is in a group.

We went all together to the bowling party so that we would need to drive only one car.

2. Altogether is an adverb that means completely or on the whole.

The study of logic is altogether appropriate in a critical reading course.

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  1. The six members of the secret club decided (all together, altogether) to recruit new members.
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  3. Five o'clock in the morning is (all together, altogether) too early to leave a warm, cozy bed.
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  5. Luis, Veronica and David decided to go to the movies (all together, altogether).
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  7. Pizza with sausage and pepperoni is (all together, altogether) too greasy.
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  9. The tailor pulled the seams of the jacket (all together, altogether), stitched, cut some threads, and handed the weary groom a new tuxedo.
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