Reading for Understanding Three #2C

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  1. For centuries, the camel has been the beast of burden in desert areas. Camel trains carrying their loads are sometimes still seen on the principal street of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The nomad tribes of the country have large numbers of camels for transport. Now, however, the country roads and the city streets are beginning to fill with motor vehicles, and it is likely that these modern vehicles will, in time, largely replace the
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  3. A specially treated glass fabric that is able to withstand terrific heat is now available. Only a few layers of this fabric can afford protection and still allow bodily movement. Suits of this material are used by
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    deep-sea divers.
    fire fighters.
    arctic explorers.

  5. The countries of the Mediterranean basin have few remaining forests. The fig tree, the date palm, and the olive tree are native to the region, which has the damp winters and warm sunny summers these trees need. Many of the native Mediterranean trees have been grown successfully in the southwestern part of the United States because of the region's beneficial
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  7. Many theatrical people and many writers have assumed names that have become well known. One such writer was Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. Criminals sometimes too adopt a new name, called an alias, to hide their real identity. To avoid publicity, celebrities sometimes travel incognito -- that is, under an assumed name. There are many reasons why people use an assumed name rather than their
  8. Your answer:
    original name.
    adopted name.

  9. In the United States a major drug goes through about five years of scientific testing before it is released for general use. After a great deal of evidence is gathered concerning the effects of the drug, it becomes available for clinical use. The Food and Drug Administration must be convinced that the drug has no harmful effects on
  10. Your answer:
    human beings.
    household pets.
    medical researchers.
    test instruments.

  11. A dog was crossing a swift stream with a piece of meat in its mouth. The dog saw its reflection in the water and mistook it for another dog with a bigger piece of meat and snatched at the other piece. As a result, the dog had nothing because the meat was swept away by the current. The dog had to go hungry because it had been so
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  13. The leaders of a small country decided to set up a democratic government. Only a few, however, knew how to do so. These few had enough knowledge of democracy to realize that such a government could not survive if the people could not read or write or were ignorant of the responsibilities of a democracy. For these reasons, one of the first steps taken was to establish a plan for
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  15. As cities become larger, it is necessary for engineers to seek new sources of water to meet the demands of growing
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  17. The caribou, a species of reindeer, has an outer winter coat, under which is a thick layer of fine hair. The hairs that form the outer coat are hollow and filled with air. Since air is a very poor conductor of heat, little of the body heat of the animal is lost. Thus, in winter this outer coat keeps the caribou very
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  19. The story is told that a strong man named John Henry matched his speed in driving a steel spike into rock with the speed of a mechanical hammer. John Henry won the race, and is commemorated in a ballad as the worker's champion against
  20. Your answer:
    the railway.
    his employer.
    the machine.

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