Reading for Understanding Three #2B

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  1. Power plants that generate electricity by means of atomic energy are in operation in several countries. Scientists hope to solve many of the problems in the use of atomic energy, and many scientists now believe that atomic energy will be the most important source of electric power
  2. Your answer:
    in the laboratory.
    in the army.
    in the future.
    when it is tired.

  3. Yellowstone National Park is one of North America's oldest national wildlife preserves. The beautiful animals living in the park have never learned to fear people because they are protected and have never been given a reason for fear. Hunting at Yellowstone is
  4. Your answer:
    forbidden by law.
    easy for beginners.
    very destructive.
    an exciting sport.

  5. When the monkey danced for the animals, they all applauded loudly. Then the camel tried to do a dance, but it was so awkward that all the animals laughed. This story teaches us that we do not all have the same
  6. Your answer:

  7. There is much work going on in a big city at night. Many factories operate night shifts of workers. Hospitals are open and police and fire departments are on duty. Morning newspapers are being printed and sent out, some radio and television stations are broadcasting all night, and public transport maintains a limited schedule for late-night passengers. In fact, a large part of a big city never
  8. Your answer:
    stays light.
    is busy.

  9. The pawnbroker is a person who lends money and keeps as security articles, such as clothing and jewels, that belong to the borrower. The sign that pawnbrokers use originated as the design on the coat of arms of wealthy family in the Italian city of Florence. Before the days of banks, the members of the family were known as
  10. Your answer:
    art patrons.

  11. The Hwang Ho is the second largest river in China. In the Hwang Ho flood of 1887, nearly a million people died. When the river flooded in 1931, nearly four million people died. Because of the many floods that have brought death and hunger to so many people, the river has sometimes been called
  12. Your answer:
    Hwang Ho.
    China's Sorrow.
    Yellow River.
    China's Greatest.

  13. From a purely selfish point of view, it is not advisable to let people know that you think they are stupid. You might be wrong, in which case they will quite justifiably
  14. Your answer:
    defer to your ability to judge others.
    concur with your opinions.
    continually ask you for advice.
    form the same opinion of you.

  15. The London Zoological Society at Regent's Park has a collection of thousands of wild animals from hundreds of species. Several million people visit the park every year, and these visitors are not all children. Zoos are of great interest to people of all
  16. Your answer:

  17. A familiar Bible story tells that Joseph advised the pharoh of Egypt to store some food during seven years of plenty for use during the following seven years of famine. This story illustrates the modern insurance principle of
  18. Your answer:
    aiding other nations.
    preparing for the future.
    paying high premiums.
    investing money wisely.

  19. A man had a goose who laid golden eggs. He grew tired of waiting for an occasional treasure, so he, thinking that the goose was quite ordinary on the inside, killed the goose. The story is told to teach that people often lose what they already have if they are
  20. Your answer:

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