Reading for Understanding Three #2A

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  1. The game of softball is similar to baseball. The ball is larger in softball, but the bat is smaller, and the game can be played in asmaller area. The game was invented in Chicago in 1887 as a form of baseball to be played indoors. For many years the game was known as
  2. Your answer:
    indoor baseball.
    bat ball.
    mock baseball.
    charity ball.

  3. Because of the curvature of the earth's surface, a person of average height, standing on level ground, can see about five kilometers. The higher we are, the farther we can see. To see farther on the ocean, sailors used to climb to the top of the
  4. Your answer:

  5. Eugene Field wrote verses about trumpets, tops, drums, stuffed animals, building blocks, tin soldiers, and dolls. Many biographers refer to him as the poet of
  6. Your answer:

  7. An ant spent all summer collecting grain from fields and storing it up. A beetle, noticing the ant, sneered at it for working so hard. During the long winter, the beetle faced starvation, but the ant had plenty of food. The ant's experience teaches us to
  8. Your answer:
    enjoy all our work.
    prepare for the future.
    help our friends.
    be thankful for food.

  9. Saudi Arabia is a country that occupies about two-thirds of the Arabian Peninsula. For centuries, life remained very primitive in Saudi Arabia; however, during the 1930s, oil wells brought great wealth to the country. The government has used some of the profits to build schools, roads, hospitals, airfields, and do other public works that have
  10. Your answer:
    helped to strengthen their traditions.
    improved the life of the people.
    driven out many of the Bedouins.
    made the country a democracy.

  11. Many birds belong to the large family of birds known as plovers. The Pacific golden plover migrates in the autumn and winter between Alaska and Hawaii, China and Australia. Kildeers breed in Canada and spend the winter as far as Peru. Another group of plovers spends the spring and summer around the Arctic Circle and flies to Australia, South Africa, India, and South America with the approach of winter. The plovers are well known for their
  12. Your answer:
    distinctive apperances.
    eating habits.
    extensive travelling.
    remarkable size.

  13. Our teeth are well suited to the work they must do. Some of our teeth are similar to the teeth of the meat-eating tiger and some to the teeth of the grass-eating cow. Thus our teeth are suitable for eating
  14. Your answer:
    meat rather than fruits.
    only raw foods.
    meat and vegetables.
    only cooked foods.

  15. We should not accept a statment as true just because it has been said repeatedly and enthusiastically. We must not add our support to what we read or hear unless we really
  16. Your answer:
    reject it.
    understand it.
    repeat it.
    memorize it.

  17. When the ire of a pharoh of ancient Egypt was aroused against a person who was out of reach, it was customary to inscribe a curse against the object of pharonic wrath on a piece of earthware or on a statue that was then smashed into fragments. It was hoped that by this means the miscreant would be properly
  18. Your answer:

  19. With its powerful jaws, a crocodile can snap a wooden plank in two. But a person can hold the jaws of a crocodile together with very little effort. The crocodile exerts the greatest amount of power when
  20. Your answer:
    closing its jaws.
    opening its mouth.
    snapping at wood.
    lashing its tail.

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