Reading for Understanding Three #10A

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  1. Among the more vivid of my childhood memories is that of a bold soldier who performed, at my demand, incredible feats of daring and courage. I see that you are doubtful, so I must confess that the soldier's actions occurred in a toy theater that my parents had constructed for me, and that my soldier was only six inches high and was
  2. Your answer:
    a monkey.
    a wooden toy.
    a hired actor.
    a midget.

  3. Many of the pioneers who went westward in settling what is now the United States walked for weeks, covering only a few kilometers a day. They drove their cattle before them and pushed small carts of family belongings. As the roads improved, horse-drawn wagons made the journey easier. Opening new frontiers is not
  4. Your answer:

  5. Decayed wood can be successfully removed from a tree by an experienced tree surgeon. Often the tree is greatly weakened by the operation, especially if the decayed wood is in the heart of the tree. The process is delicate and can be expensive. In fact, most people do not wish to go to the expense of having decayed wood removed unless the tree is extremely beautiful or has
  6. Your answer:
    very tough bark.
    no defects.
    no fruit.
    sentimental value.

  7. Earthquakes are more likely to occur in parts of the world where high mountains are found near very low areas. The eastern coast of Japan has many earthquakes; it is a lowland near
  8. Your answer:
    the sea.
    the equator.
    big cities.

  9. Some people prefer to take their holidays in the spring in order to see the bright blossoms of orchards and forests. Spring is also the opening time of the trout season, an event that makes a strong appeal to
  10. Your answer:
    bird watchers.

  11. The Native Americans made pemmican by driving buffalo meat in thin slices, pounding it into powder, and then mixing the powder with hot fat. Cakes of the pemmican could be stored safely for a long time and were easy to carry because of their light weight. In later years, concentrated foods high in nutritive value, light in weight, and capable of being stored have been developed. Special foods to meet the requirements of space travel have been prepared because our space vehicles must avoid
  12. Your answer:
    carrying food.
    unnecessary weight.
    bad weather.

  13. The adenoids, soft masses of tissue high up in the throat, may become enlarged and exert a detrimental effect upon certain bodily activities. Sometimes the overgrown adenoids block the nasal passages so that the patient is forced to breathe through
  14. Your answer:
    the lungs.
    an oxygen tank.
    the mouth.
    the nose.

  15. Engineering skill has produced the systems that supply our water and power, our networks of transport and communications, and devices that prolong life and provide push-button entertainment. Without the genius of the engineer, our modern life would not have reached
  16. Your answer:
    its present standard.
    the level of universal luxury.
    perfection in this century.
    every person on earth.

  17. According to an old English legend, Sir Galahad was the noblest and purest of all the knights of King Arthur's Round Table. The sacred quest of the knights was to find the Holy Grail, which, according to legend, had been brought to England by Joseph of Arimathea. Many of the knights tried to find the Grail, but only Sir Galahad was pure enough to
  18. Your answer:

  19. New Year's Day is a major day of celebration in Japan. It is considered everyone's birthday. Therefore, on January 1, all the Japanese
  20. Your answer:
    bake a cake.
    subtract a year from their age.
    make resolutions.
    add a year to their age.

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