Reading for Understanding Two #99C

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  1. One and the same thing can at the same time be good, bad, and indifferent; music may be good to the melancholy, bad to those who mourn, and neither good nor bad to the
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  3. In most disciplines, concern about the historical development of one's subject is secondary to other interests. The professional historian, however, may be entirely wrapped up in
  4. Your answer:
    contemporary problems.
    the past.
    interests other than history.
    economic aspects of history.

  5. An anthill is the home of thousands of ants. The ants share their food and share the work. Scientists study the social behavior and organizations of ants, in which they see many similarities to the social behavior of
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  7. A plant that is kept in the dark away from sunlight never becomes green but stays white. Some kinds of celery are made white by farmers who
  8. Your answer:
    supply it with chlorophyll.
    pile earth around it.
    tend it carefully.
    give it light and water.

  9. If an irritating foreign particle is placed between the shell and the sensitive mantle of an oyster, the concentric layers of calcium carbonate that form a protective covering where the particle touches the mantle will solidify into an irregularly shaped pearl. If the particle is put into the mantle itself, however, the resulting pearl is
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  11. There is such great art in the proper manipulation of the conductor's baton that Hans Richter once called it the
  12. Your answer:
    "downfall of most pianists."
    "most indispensable instrument in the whole orchestra."
    "most easily distinguished part of a band."
    "most difficult instrument in the whole orchestra."

  13. Fugitives from justice from one country do not automatically receive asylum in another country; traditionally, the host country uses its own judgement in each case. Most nations, however, have treaties of extradition by means of which the host country agrees to surrender to the other its
  14. Your answer:
    tariff barriers.
    escaped criminals.
    mentally-ill people.
    trade rights.

  15. Julius Caesar was too old when he set about amusing himself with conquering the world. Such sport was appropriate for Augustus and Alexander. They ruled when they were still young and thus difficult to restrain. But Caesar should have been more
  16. Your answer:

  17. The university refused to censor the off-campus utterances of its lecturers, upholding the right of each instructor to act as a
  18. Your answer:
    private citizen.
    university representative.
    university censor.
    subversive influence.

  19. Pepsin is an enzyme that digests only proteins. When pepsin is added to a nonprotein solution known to contain the virus responsible for tobacco mosaic disease and when this solution is kept under conditions favorable for pepsin digestion, the virus is destroyed. From this we may assume that
  20. Your answer:
    pepsin alone can destroy the virus.
    pepsin digestion does not occur.
    the virus material is protein.
    the virus destroys the enzyme.

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